The #1 Most Effective Way To Learn Python: 1-on-1 Education

Learning Python on your own is challenging…

We live in a fast-paced world with high demands and big promises.

You want to learn Python and build your programming skills.

You want to master Python on a level where you can deliver programming projects and get your next job.

… following online courses and tutorial requires high discipline and leaves you left alone if there are aspects you do not understand.

Online courses and tutorials are build to fit the general market. They cover a too broad basis in an unrealistic short time.

The online courses promise you to get all the skills you are looking for, but leaves you with frustration and thoughts of not being adequate to master Python programming.

Why it is difficult…

All the information is available on the internet and it is free.

But it is unstructured… and if you learn from different programming styles, it becomes even more difficult to master. You learn something one place, which is done differently another place. What is the correct way to do it?

Also, the online courses and tutorials are all expecting different levels of the students competencies and experience.

This makes your learning journey challenging to master alone.

Let’s face the truth

…mastering this journey alone is challenging. It will take you long time and high discipline not to give up.

When learning a new language like Python and trying to understand programming at the same time – it is easy to lose confidence that you can master it one day.

What to focus on to improve your programming and Python skills. There are so many offers out there.

If you could only get professional guidance to your problems.

What if…

  • We tailored one learning approach to fit your needs?
  • We focused on getting a solid foundation in your Python programming that gives you full power over Python?
  • We focused on getting the programming concepts and algorithms you need in place?

This is the most efficient way and tailor focused approach to succeed with your ambitions with Python.

No more wasted time watching online courses in a fast-pace that leaves more questions and confusion than solid knowledge.

What you can expect…

  • Getting focus on how you can achieve your long-term Python programming goals.
  • Simplify your learning experience to focus on the necessary skills.
  • Git high-level help on your challenges.
  • Ensured to level up your programming skills in Python.
  • Learn programming skills that are looked for in job interviews.

This is not an online course. This is real interaction with video 1-on-1 conferences and email correspondence.

My core competencies

There is nothing I like more that helping people succeed. Nothing has inspired me to go on more than seeing succeeding. Being part of that journey has been fulfilling for me.

I love to make complex things simple so others understand them. This is the most common feedback I get from others. How can you make this complex thing simple enough for me to understand?

My core passion is programming with Python. It is easy and elegant programming language with full power of your computer. Also, it is the one of the top skills you want on your CV for your next job or creating your own opportunities.

This is where my passion is and this is what I live for.

A more professional record could be summarized as below.

  • Programming competencies in Python, Java, C/C++, PHP, and managing software project.
  • PhD in computer science with focus on Algorithms, Data Structures, and Cryptography.
  • 10+ years of professional experience.
  • Conducted over 100 job interviews if you need guidance to master that.
  • A continues approach to learning.

How we will work together

After you book your package you want to follow, we will arrange our first video call of 60 minutes.

The goal is to get clarity on your long-term needs, your current challenges and next actionable step.

After the first meeting the weekly flow will be as follows.

  • Video call A weekly 60 minutes video call, where we can focus on what is difficult. It can be specific programming challenges that need deeper live interactive explanation. This will be done with a board, where we can draw and see actually code. This helps you to achieve an in depth understanding where you can get clarity on your challenges.
  • Email correspondence With followup questions or expanding upon our focus area. Answer can be full code with explaining visual diagrams to help understand it. This helps you and gives you time to play around and learn in your focused pace.
  • Confidentiality This is private conversations and learnings. Code and diagrams will not be used with other clients or published, unless prior agreement.


  • 90-days premium package ($999 USD per month) This package will guarantee you results. With one weekly video session and email correspondence on a daily basis, you will time to focus and stay focused on your goals. This package also includes life-time access to all my Online Courses on Udemy.
    • 1 weekly 1-hour video session.
    • Email correspondence though the whole package.
    • Includes 7 Udemy courses of total value of $199 + $179 + $199 + $199 + $99 + $199 + $199 = $1,273 USD in total included for FREE.
  • 30-days package ($1,299 USD per month) This is the standard package where you will have leveled up your competencies and know what to do next on your own.
    • 1 weekly 1-hour video session.
    • Email correspondence through the whole package.
  • 2 video sessions ($699 USD) If you need help with one specific thing. It could be exam preparation, job interview preparation or one programming problem you do not know how to solve.
    • 2 video sessions.
    • Email correspondence until 1 week after last video session.

Not sure which one to choose?

Book a 15-minutes FREE video session to discuss your needs and see if this is a fit.

Money back guarantee If you for some reason regret or do not feel you get the expected value from the 1-one-1 education package you have chosen, then you will have full money back guarantee until the end of your package. My name is my reputation and I will ensure your best experience.

Book your package

Follow these steps to book your package.

  • Fill out your name and email in the form below.
  • Choose the package that suits your need. Not sure? Book a FREE 15-minutes introduction session.
  • Write a few lines about your programming experience and what you would like to achieve. This will save us time in our first session.
  • I will reply within 24 hours.
  • We will find a time slot for our first meeting normally within 2-5 days.
A few words on your expectations and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book my package? Once you have made your booking I will write an email back to you, where we arrange our first online meeting. Typically, we will have the first meeting within 2-5 days.

Do you have cheaper packages or other coaching offers? Currently, I only offer these packages – but I only take up 5 clients simultaneously to keep the experience my top priority. Other alternatives is to check out my online courses on Udemy.

Where can I learn more about you? The best place to start is my blog, where I post Python programming stuff on. From the blog you find guides and tutorial. Also, you can find links to my social networks and online courses on Udemy. Check it out here.